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TufLineTM Fairing System:

A unique drag reducing fairing system that eliminates strumming and can be wrapped in multiple layers on winches

TufLine Fairing System

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Towing Systems
TufLine flexible fairing module
TufLine flexible fairing module, King Fairing and ASR installed on seismic rope (a different anti-stacking ring design is used for solid tow cables)
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  • tough, flexible, foil-shaped fairing allows multi-layered winch wrapping, eliminates strumming, reduces drag (Cd 0.7) and catenary (cable length), saves fuel and increases vehicle depth and paravane spreads
  • highly durable material, with unique internal "bridge" for foil shape retention under hydrodynamic forces and following high-tension wrapping and storage on reels
  • unique King Fairing/Anti-Stacking Ring anchors individual fairing module segments to allow free-swivel alignment to flow
  • 40% - 60% drag reduction over hairy fairings or bare cable
  • available for any cable diameter
  • easy field installation and replacement
  • hundreds of kilometers in service on seismic tow cables & ropes
  • for use on towed, tethered, or moored rope or cable systems

     Tufline Installation

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TufLine faired seismic tow cable
multi-layer wrapped on reel
TufLine Fairing (337kb)
TufLine Fairing
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