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Information for Prospective Rolls-Royce Canada Limited Suppliers

The following forms should be used as reference when supplying goods and services to Rolls-Royce Canada Limited - Naval Marine (RRCLNM):

1) Quality Clause Codes

The Rolls-Royce Quality Clause Code List (QCC) QF-04-07 is used to define requirements that are required for specific parts on purchase orders that affect product quality. We use this list as a central place to define the requirements for specific parts and it provides consistent specifications for deliverables.

[View/download form QF-04-07 (Rev 20)]

2) Request for Waiver or Deviation

A request for Waiver or Deviation (RFD) is to be submitted to RRCLNM QA by the supplier, prior to product being delivered. Complete the top of form QF-10-06 R.3 Supplier Request for Deviation/Waiver. Rolls-Royce will fill in the RFD # and disposition and sign the form and return to the vendor.

[View/download form QF-10-06 (Rev 4)]

3) Vendor Certification

QF-04-04 Vendor Certificate of Conformance form is to be used when a CofC is requested and the vendor does not have their own form to send to RRCLNM. There is also a place on this form for the following QCCs:

  • QCC 11 Special Process, QCC 33 Documentation for Processing, QCC 21 Welding Requirements
  • QCC 27 Shelf Life
  • QCC 10 Certified Material Test Report (CMTR)
  • Certification of Fabrication using RRCLNM furnished Material
  • QCC 04 Certificate of Conformance
  • QCC 35 Control of RRCLNM Drawings
[View/download form QF-04-04 (Rev 4)]

4) General Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Rolls-Royce Canada Limited Purchase Order Terms and Conditions found below form an integral part of the Purchase Order. By accepting an RRCLNM Purchase order the vendor is also accepting the terms and conditions.

[View/download form ADM-10042-3]

5) Inspection Report

If required on the purchase order from RRCLNM (QCC 7 and /or QCC 20), the inspection report (form QF-05-38 R.5) may be used by the vendor to document their inspection.

[View/download form QF-05-38 (Rev 5)]

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