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Our Mission: To contribute to our Customer�s success by consistently meeting their needs for advanced handling system solutions. We will continue to be a leading international supplier in the following marketplaces:
  • naval systems for both airborne and shipboard applications
  • offshore oil and gas exploration
  • Canada�s nuclear power generation plants
ODIM Spectrum specializes in engineered product & system solutions, primarily for the defence industry (Naval Systems), the offshore oil & gas exploration market,(Marine Seismic), and also the nuclear industry (Nuclear).

The company originated from Spectrum Engineering, a Canadian firm that was established in 1971. In 1983 the "Ocean Systems Group" was formed within Spectrum primarily to provide engineering support to the Canadian Navy's towed sonar systems. From this modest beginning Ocean Systems grew rapidly in the '90s, expanding its capabilities to develop a number of unique product solutions for an impressive array of international clients.

In 1997 a new chapter began when ODIM (located in Norway), acquired Spectrum. ODIM Seismic is the leading cable handling system supplier to the marine seismic exploration market.

ODIM Spectrum offers "end-to-end" cable handling and towed system solutions. This total systems capability encompasses a range of winches, fairlead tow blocks, faired tow cables, towed sonar bodies and other marine equipment and services.

Approximately 75% of our staff is comprised of professional engineers, designers and technologists, with practical experience in mechanical, hydrodynamic, hydraulic and electrical disciplines. ODIM Spectrum enjoys a reputation for arriving at fast, creative and low-cost solutions to many challenging requirements.

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HELRAS Reeling Machines
ODIM selected to manufacture HELRAS Reeling Machines for Canada�s new H-92 / MHP naval helicopter program

sonar handling system
LTARS sonar handling system sea tested aboard Singapore�s lead Delta frigate

Hydra VDS system
Hydra VDS system deliveries continue for Sweden�s Visby Corvettes

Tooling designed for CANDU reactor
ODIM Designed tooling for CANDU Reactor

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