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Product Development



Spectrum's engineering specialists have broad backgrounds in the computer-aided design, structural analysis, simulation, prototype development, assembly and test of unique and complex mechanical systems. Our project management expertise includes large, multi-year projects, and we are proud of our record in meeting urgent delivery requirements.
Our engineers and designers utilize the latest analysis, design, and modelling tools that enable us to specialize in customized design/build projects that demand the application of value engineering principles while minimizing technical risk. Equipment that must operate on open decks of ocean vessels must be designed to withstand an extremely harsh operating environments. Our design philosophy therefore focuses on such critical factors as corrosion, weight, reliability and safety.

Our engineers and designers are integrally involved in a subcontractor management role to ensure specifications and quality requirements are adhered to throughout the acquisition and fabrication process. Production staff then focuses on final assembly and acceptance test in Spectrum's purpose-built manufacturing facility.

An experienced technical support network with MIL-SPEC or commercial documentation capabilities is in place, as well as field service and spares provisioning.

3D Rendering
3D Rendering of a Towed Sonar Winch & Handling System

Finite Element Analysis of winch
Finite Element Analysis of winch structure

Factory testing of Variable Depth Sonar Handling System
Factory testing of Variable Depth Sonar Handling System

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