New Release from ODIM Spectrum - 28 June 2006
ODIM Spectrum-Nuclear Group Receives Major Contract Award from Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
ODIM Spectrum Ltd. has signed a major contract with Ontario Power Generating (OPG) for a project to be completed at the Bruce Nuclear Facility. Work on the project has commenced and is expected to lead to additional opportunities on future phases of the maintenance program.
The Government of Ontario has recently identified the need for significant investment to maintain the percentage of power generated in the province by nuclear energy at current levels, which will involve the refurbishment of existing facilities along with consideration toward the construction of new generating stations. ODIM Spectrum Ltd. has a long and proud history of supporting the Nuclear Industry and will continue to pursue additional opportunities within the industry.
The Government of Ontario’s recently released $40 Billion Electricity Supply Mix Plan will focus towards improving the provinces nuclear generating capacity over the next 20 years, which is expected to provide significant opportunities for private sector participation. The current contract will result in the addition of additional professional staff to the existing team in the ODIM Spectrum Nuclear Group to expand competencies and meet future anticipated opportunities.
Our Nuclear Group has earned a reputation for arriving at creative and uncomplicated solutions to challenging requirements in the Nuclear Industry. The company makes cost-effective use of state-of-the-art technologies throughout its operations. Services provided to clients range from project management and engineering analyses through to design, development, and prototype testing, as well as the supply of automated systems, custom tooling, robotic end effectors, radiation monitoring systems and unique detection equipment.
For more information on ODIM Spectrum, please visit our website at: http://www.odim-spectrum.com. ODIM Spectrum Ltd. is a subsidiary of ODIM ASA, a publicly traded company on the Oslo stock exchange ( web site: http://www.odim.no ).

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