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ODIM Spectrum is a leading supplier of nuclear reactor maintenance and rehabilitation equipment. Our designers have earned a reputation for arriving at creative and uncomplicated solutions to challenging requirements. ODIM Spectrumís key technologies are remotely operated cutting, cleaning, inspection and welding tooling for fuel channel maintenance. We offer project management, engineering analyses, equipment design, development, and prototype testing, as well as the supply of automated systems, custom tooling, robotic end effectors and radiation monitoring systems.

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  • Procurement of $10 million worth of equipment covered by 30 separate contracts for such items as: liquid zone control compressors, main vacuum pumps, flexible bellows, flexible hoses, control valves, butterfly valves and air handling equipment (Bruce "B")
  • Management of full scale test rig (Maple-X10 Reactor, AECL-CRL)
  • Overall project implementation plan, cost estimate and schedule (MNR - Maple Project, McMaster University)
  • Nuclear engineering consultant on the feasibility study of mechanical systems (Kaon Factory)
  • Feasibility study for plutonium fuel processing facility (AECL-SP)
  • Fuel transportation study for reprocessing of fuel in Europe (AECL-SP)
  • Fusion waste management study (Fusion Fuels Technology Project)
  • Feasibility of design and constructability of tritium breeder blanket modules (Fusion Fuels Technology Project)
  • NRU Rehabiliation Assessment Plan


  • CSA Z299.1 Certificate with QA Program successfully audited by OPG
  • Pilot Environmental Qualification studies for High Pressure Emergency Coolant Injection system (Bruce "A" NGS) and for Shutdown System 1 (Pickering "A" NGS)
  • Safety and reliability analysis for Shutdown Systems 1 and 2 as well as for ECC and Containment systems (Gentilly-2)
  • Safety and reliability analysis for Shutdown Systems 1 and 2 as well as for ECC and Containment systems (Point Lepreau NGS)
  • Monitoring of site operations and safety system testing and assistance in submission of quarterly reports to the Atomic Energy Control Board (Point Lepreau NGS)
  • Reliability, maintainability and safety analysis training course (Wolsong 1)
  • Safety and reliability analysis, Probabilistic Safety Analysis (Wolsong 2,3,4)
  • Reliability and safety analysis of Safety System 1, Safety System 2 and Reactor Regulating System (Maple-X10 Reactor, AECL-CRL)


  • Development of low torque single channel tooling for reactor maintenance (Darlington "A" NGS)
  • Design and development of special purpose tooling for large scale fuel channel replacement (Bruce "A" NGS)
  • Design and development of special purpose tooling for multi channel replacement (Bruce "A" NGS)
  • Design and development of wire brush cleaning tools for Pickering "A" retube project
  • Design of special purpose tooling for reactor maintenance (CANDU-3, AECL)
  • Spent fuel packaging project for NPD decommissioning (AECL)


  • Gamma and Radon survey of site of proposed housing development project in Elliot Lake, Ontario
  • Leak testing service for radioactive sealed sources
  • Design and supply of Sample Flow and Control Panels for the Stack Radiation Monitoring System (Darlington NGS)
  • Design, procurement and commissioning of containment isolation radiation monitoring system (Bruce "A" NGS)
  • Design and development of on-line liquid effluent radiation monitor (Bruce "A" NGS)
  • Design, procurement and commissioning of containment isolation radiation monitoring system (Bruce "B" NGS)
  • Design of button up containment system monitors (Pickering "B" NGS)
  • Design of delayed neutron system for location of failed fuel (CANDU-600)
  • Design of containment button-up system monitors (CANDU-600)
  • Design enhancement of hydraulic and neutron measurement loops for delayed neutron system for location of failed fuel (Point Lepreau NGS)
  • Design review, design modification and testing of Iodine-125 rig (MNR Pool Reactor, McMaster University)
  • Design of area, stack and contamination radiation monitoring systems (Kanata Radioisotope Processing Facility, Nordion International Inc.)
  • Design and development of laser spectrometer for measurement of small concentrations of heavy water in light water (Ontario Hydro International)
  • Design and development of prototype on-line in-reactor temperature probe (Ontario Hydro Technologies)


  • Acoustic signal analysis and processing (Darlington "A" NGS)
  • Modelling of fluid/structure acoustics and dynamics (Darlington "A" NGS)
  • Development of test program for measurement of pressure and vibration data on Unit 3 (Darlington "A" NGS)
  • Development of a database for statistical analysis of fuel damage (Darlington "A" NGS and Bruce "B" NGS)
  • Seismic qualification of structures (Pickering "A" NGS)
  • Stress analysis of fuelling machines (Pickering "A" NGS)
  • Stress analysis of spent fuel racks (Pickering "A" NGS)
  • Seismic qualification of structure (Tritium Technology Facility, AECL-CRL)
  • Preliminary building seismic qualification (MNR - Maple Project, McMaster University)
  • Thermal hydraulic design, stress and heat transfer analysis for breeder in tube concepts for ITER (Fusion Fuels Technology Project)
  • In vessel conceptual design for pilot reactor, including stress and heat transfer analysis, and cost estimates (Fusion Fuels Technology Project)
  • Evaluation of compact toroidal gun for space usage (Fusion Fuels Technology Project)
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