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   ODIM Spectrum Ltd. achieves ISO 9001-2000 registration
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ODIM Spectrum Ltd., a leading designer and supplier of advanced handling solutions for defence, oceanographic and power generation customers, is pleased to announce that following an audit of its quality system it is now an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. ODIM received its certification from BSI Management Systems, the well-known quality management systems registrar.

The ISO 9001:2000 standard is an internationally recognized quality management system standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). To be certified to the standard, companies must institute a quality management system (QMS) with detailed procedures outlining measures undertaken to monitor and improve business processes.

"Successful certification to the ISO standard clearly demonstrates our commitment to product and service excellence," said Andrew Roy, company president. "We remain passionate about quality, and our ISO 9001:2000 certification reinforces to our customers, vendors and employees that we follow established procedures to ensure top performance while constantly reviewing those protocols to further improve operations. This important milestone marks our continuing commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement."

ODIM to produce HELRAS Reeling Machines for L-3 OS
ODIM Spectrum is under contract from L-3 Ocean Systems to produce 35 HELRAS Reeling Machine systems used for naval helicopter dipping sonar operations. This multi-year contract includes engineering and life cycle support.
SSTD “E-Winch” in-service aboard Royal Navy ships
Under a development and production contract from Ultra Electronics, ODIM’s E-Winch system is now in service aboard RN ships. A total of 16 systems for the Navy's Surface Ship Torpedo Defence (SSTD) program will be delivered. The E-Winch is an innovative and modular design that allows for easy installation and removal for 'cross-decking'. The winch handles Ultra's Sea Sentor torpedo defence system. The design is qualified to MIL-S-901D heavyweight shock, MIL-STD-167 vibration and additional environmental qualification requirements.
E-Winch for Royal Navy SSTD
E-Winch for Royal Navy SSTD
FFG Sea Defender “E-Winch” in-service aboard Royal Australian Navy ships
Under a development and production contract from Thales Underwater Systems (Australia), ODIM’s E-Winch and Levelwind systems for the Royal Australian Navy's FFG Upgrade project has been successfully sea tested aboard the lead FFG. The system features an automatic, programmable levelwind to adjust for varying cable diameters. The design has passed MIL-S-901D heavyweight shock, MIL-STD-167 vibration and additional environmental qualification testing.
E-Winch and automated levelwind
E-Winch and automated levelwind for Australian Navy Torpedo Defence system
Canadian Navy contract to develop and supply torpedo defence handling upgrade
ODIM has designed and is supplying a towed torpedo defence upgrade package for all of the Canadian Forces' surface ships. This includes addition of a levelwind for the RL-272C Winch, along with various electrical and mechanical upgrades designed to automate the launch and recovery of the Navy's AN/SLQ-25A torpedo defence systems.
Torpedo Defence Launch/Retrieval
Torpedo Defence Launch/Retrieval Upgrade for Canadian Navy
ODIM under contract to develop a new ‘Modular Winch’ for the USN’s Torpedo Defense program
In 2005 ODIM performed a subcontract from Argon ST Productions to design and produce a variable speed motor controller and a tethered remote control device for the RL-272 C torpedo countermeasures winch system. Following up on this success, ODIM is now under contract from Argon ST to develop a new Modular Winch system for the USN’s SSTD program.
LTARS System Sea tested aboard lead Delta frigate
ODIM's first of six LTARS (Launch, Tow and Retrieve System) for handling EDO's ALOFTS towed active/passive sonar has been successfully sea tested aboard the lead Delta frigate for Singapore’s Navy. A total of six shipsets have been delivered, and the system features a hydrodynamic towed sonar body, faired tow cable, main and towed array winches and automated tow body launch/recovery system.
Active/Passive Towed Sonar
LTARS System for EDO ALOFTS Active/Passive Towed Sonar
ODIM receives CSTRS support contract from NWSC Panama City
Following on from ODIM's design and production of a lightweight winch, levelwind and tow sheave system for the US Navy MH-60S organic airborne mine countermeasures program, ODIM received a technical support contract from the Naval Warfare Systems Center.
MH-60S Helicopter with AQS-20 Tow Body
MH-60S Helicopter with AQS-20 Tow Body and CSTRS Winch & Faired Cable
Production orders for faired tow cable systems for USN AMCM system
Under a series of contracts from EADS (Cogent), ODIM is supplying its TufNose faired cable system for the US Navy's OAMCM program used for towing the AN/AQS-20, 20A, and AN/ALQ-220 OASIS mine countermeasure systems. Pictured on the right is the lightweight CSTRS tow sheave and faired tow cable.
Q20XSheave and fairing
First Hydra VDS sonar sea tested
Under a contract from General Dynamics Canada, ODIM has designed and is producing a composite VDS tow body, tow body launch and recovery system and faired tow cable system for the Swedish Navy. The first system has been successfully tested aboard the lead Visby Corvette.
tow body launch and recovery system
Successful IUSW-21 VDS handling system sea trials aboard USN destroyer
The Spectrum designed and built LBVDS handling system completed two successful trials aboard US Navy vessels as part of NAVSEA/NUWC IUSW-21 sonar development program. Shown at right is the system installed aboard a DD-963 destroyer.
LBVDS handling system
ODIM continues to receive orders for its unique fairlead tow block mechanism for marine seismic exploration companies
ODIM has developed a low-friction cable fairleading mechanism, designed to handle seismic cable used in near continuous reeling operations. The space-saving fairlead features internal load sensors to provide accurate cable tension measurement.

TufLine and TufNose cable fairings used by all leading seismic exploration companies
ODIM Spectrum's TufLine fairings (shown at right) eliminate strumming, reduce drag, and can be wrapped and stored on winch drums in multiple layers without damaging the fairings. TufLine is in use by many of the leading marine seismic exploration companies.
Spectrum - TufLine fairings
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