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TufNose & TufStream Fairing Systems:

From the world's leading supplier of high performance, drag-reducing faired tow cable systems

Comparison of typical cable/tow body depth profiles

Comparison of typical cable/tow body depth profiles using different fairing systems

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TufNose fairings and stainless steel Anti-Stacking Rings


ODIM's VDS Tow Body and Faired Tow Cable

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TufNose Fairing (197kb)
TufNose Fairing product information
  • Low drag (Cd 0.15 - 0.20), high speed, stable-towing fairing
  • UV-stabilized thermoplastic for long-term resistance to handling damage and environmental extremes
  • TufNose's rigid nose with internal "saddle" provides cable support on winch/sheave; single-piece tail' strong, flexible links
  • "non-slip" Anti-Stacking Rings
  • cable diameter model ranges from 8 mm (0.33") to 41 mm (1.6")
  • easy field installation and replacement

TufLine Fairings

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ODIM's VDS Tow Body & Faired Tow Cable used on naval, seismic and oceanographic towed systems, including:
US navy airborne towed minehunting system
US navy towed projector system
Canadian Navy towed route survey system
Swedish Navy variable depth sonar system
LFATS (L-3 active/passive towed system)
Towing and Handling System for USN's IUSW-21 sonar sea trial
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